FAQ about Winulator

Q: What is Winulator?
A: Winulator is an Android app that provides a run-time platform for Windows programs. It is similar in a sense to Wine, how it is not a port of Wine. It is currently under development.

Q: What does the app offer?
A: An ability to play a limited (but growing with time) set of games. The beta version allows to evaluate the app before purchase. Both paid and free versions are provided.

Q: What can it run? Can it run my favorite game from the 1990's ?
A: Because the code base is minimal, a very limited range of apps are supported. It is quite hard to support every game in existence, but the popular ones will be supported provided public demand. See the List of supported programs.

Q: Is Winulator an emulator?
A: It is not an whole-system emulator such as VMware or VirtualBox, as it works in a scope of a single app. However it does implement small subset of Windows APIs, so it is a porting layer. It also deals with the difference in the target CPU architecture on most Android devices, thus the x86 code is transparently recompiled into native ARM code, allowing execution speed that is comparable to the native architecture. This acceleration is essential for games to function properly.

Q: I've read a little about this. What was WCH (Winulator Converter Helper)?
A: Just some history - before version 2.0.0 static compilation was done offline using a desktop app (it was from the prototype stages). Now it is done by the app itself, transparently. This makes porting of apps much easier.

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