Caesar III

Running Caesar III on Android using Winulator

Step 1 - Obtain Caesar III

The game can be obtained from GoG which provides DRM-free games, but that's just one method. It is best to use a version of the game that does not require a CD-ROM in the CD drive. Install the game, and note the directory in which it was installed, for example: 'C:\Program Files\Caesar 3', that is the installation folder.

NOTE: If your copy of Caesar III cannot run on Windows without a CD-ROM of Caesar III inserted into the CD drive, then this won't work. You need a copy that does not require a CD-ROM while running.

Step 2 - Transfer the game to your Android device

Connect your Android mobile device to the PC as a mass storage device, and copy the content of the Caesar III folder to a directory of your choice on the device. Also, download this file: CaesarIII-1.07.winulator-profile and put it inside the directory of the copy, so that Winulator can find it later. Game settings (e.g. registry modifications) will be saved in this file.

Step 3 - Install Winulator from Android Play

If you don't already have the Winulator app installed on your Android device, you can install it from Google Play Market.

Make sure you are updated to latest version. Only version 2.0.0 and above are supported.

Free evaluation version (Google Play Link)
Paid version (Google Play Link)

Both versions should be able to run the game.

Step 4 - Play!

Launch the Winulator app on your Android device, and use the tool menu to rescan the SD card for new games. When it finds Caesar III, a row will be added to the main screen. Click on it, and play the game.

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